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Kweli Skin Organics was birthed out after a 15 year long struggle with Eczema . After countless visits to doctors and dermatologists who only offered short term solutions, terrible side effect & flare ups, our Founder & CEO Prim Karunga decided to turn to nature for a solution. As a young child, she was constantly taught by her mother about the healing effects that nature and plants can have on our bodies but one day it finally clicked that the answer to her struggle was there all along.


On a cold winter morning, in her apartment kitchen 2014, Quench body butter was born. It was a complete game changer for her extremely dry skin, dark eczema appearance & texture. She shared it with her friends and even sold a couple of tubs and hasn’t looked back since.


In 2016, Kweli Skin Organics was officially incorporated and registered as a company and has organically grown into who she is now.


Our name comes from a swahili word called “Kweli kweli” meaning true or truth! This is what our brand stands for True skin organics and as our slogan goes, from the earth. Our products are derived from plants, flowers, herbs, extracts and nuts. Our company philosophy is the only beauty & personal care products that should go on your skin should be 100% good enough to eat, non-toxic, organic & naturally derived. We also support & believe in; small batches, fair trade, harness a empowerment within our team & community.


We are excited to have you be apart of our journey. Thank you for supporting & purchasing from a small business that care about you.



Prim & Team Kweli

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